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June 8, 2013


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Brace yourselves, everypony - it's time! Our featured artist this week is :icongroovebird:


**ENTERING TO WIN? Post your entry in the comments on THIS JOURNAL ENTRY only! If you post your entry on the home page, it will not be counted.**
Skip down to the bottom for all entry details and rules.

If you've spent any time looking at pony sculptures, you've come across the pristine and lovely works of epic pony sculptor Groovebird!

Does Luna's mane look like delicious candy to anyone else?

>Hi there! Tell us a little about yourself and your sculptures.

:icongroovebird: “I started sculpting ponies approximately 1.5 years ago. Since then my goal is to develop myself the best way I can. I do all my sculptures with all my talent and effort - that's why the making of one sculpture takes a lot of time. I like to work the details as much as I can to give the viewers an experience of a show-accurate sculpture. I try to live to my motto, which is summarized something like this: Try to stay between the borders of the style I chose, but be as creative as possible.”

>The results are breathtaking! How did you get into the pony-making business?

:icongroovebird: “Well, when I first watched MLP: FiM, the first episode, and saw Luna, I immediately fell in love with all that innocence, that.. gawkiness. I was determined to make a sculpture of her - half for fun, half seriously - and when she was done, she immediately got a place on EQD. A lot of my friends also told me that she's exceptionally nice, and I should start working with sculptures.
So, summa summarum: I started all this business because of Princess Luna and she motivates me since then.”

>What kind of materials do you use to make your sculptures?

:icongroovebird: “My favourite is the BASF Styrodur 2500c, I carve my figurines of this material. My favourite items are the specially built hot-wire styrofoam cutters I use for carving the material.”

>Pony count?

:icongroovebird: “I have made 28 ponies until now.”

>What's the most difficult part of a sculpture?

:icongroovebird: “For me, the hardest part is the head and all the parts on it. The eyes, the cheek, the little smile. These seemingly little things give the soul to the sculpture itself.”

>What was your toughest project?

:icongroovebird: “Maybe the hardest project of all was the "Reaching the Stars" project. There were tons of little parts from which I had to build it, and a lot of hours spent to make it.”

>Any favorites or least favorites?

:icongroovebird: “I like all my projects, there are none I'd say I don't like. Of course, my favourite projects are Luna-sculptures.”

>Do you sell your ponies?

:icongroovebird: “Almost every time.”

>Any big plans for the future?

:icongroovebird: “I have more plans, and well, it depends on the point of view if they are "big plans".  ”

>Do you have any advice for new sculptors?

:icongroovebird: “Be critical with yourself, try to find your faults, but never give up, if your work doesn't turn out as you wanted. You can be sure about one thing: with enough practicing the results will be better and better. Every time you notice you did something better, than your previous work, will fill you with happiness, and will motivate you to be even better. Try to develop, never forget to repeat the fact: you can always do better. 
And finally: don't compare your work to others' works. You should only care about your own opinion, not others'.”

>And need I even ask – best pony?

:icongroovebird: “Luna, undoubtedly.”


Groovebird is generously offering our giveaway prize this week - one artificial resin Luna sculpture! Here's how to enter:

1. Make sure you're watching PonySculptors on DeviantArt.
2. Leave a comment on THIS JOURNAL ENTRY by Thursday, June 13th.
3. On Friday, June 14th, we will draw a random winner from the eligible entries!

Feel free to share this contest - each time you link to PonySculptors, you're helping expose the work of talented artists!

Other info: You must both comment on this blog entry AND be a watcher of the PonySculptors group on DeviantArt to win.You only need to comment ONCE on this journal - each person who enters will be given ONE chance to win per week. Prize will ship from Hungary. Winner is responsible for $35 shipping (half of fixed shipping cost of $70). Artist will contact the winner with additional details. Winner must respond to claim prize within 7 days of notification - if the winner can't be reached within that time, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn.

Thanks for reading, entering, and sharing! Good luck, all!
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MultiMix2000 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Lots of spectacular art / sculptures hereAmazed kitty 
tomw20 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
Awesome x 9001.
I'm in.
TheKing4562 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
So...who is the contest winner?
aintnobuffalo Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some amazing art here!
MWMalcolm Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Sadly i saw this too late, better luck next time
starfox365 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Oh shoot I am 25 minutes too late :/
TrinketLaceFinn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely beautiful! Good luck everypony!
Ivory-Bolt Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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>-> OH I might as well try~

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